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Best Settings for E-520

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  • HELP! Best Settings for E-520

    I have been taking test shots with my E-520 and am impressed with the color rendition and sharpness of the 14-42 and 40-150 3.5 lenses.

    From what I have read, most people suggest turning the Noise Filter to Low, and Sharpness to +1.

    My next question is what setting should be made to SAT?

    If I adjust NF to low, Sharpness to +1, and make an adjustment based on recommendation to SAT, am I basically all set for out of the box JPEGS?

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    Re: Best Settings for E-520

    I had the E-510 (my first 4/3 body) some years ago..and i used to set Noise filter to off and sharpness to 0..
    The saturation level needed some help later on in the computer.

    E510, E3, E-PL1,E620 ,E-5,OM-D
    50-200SWD, 14-54Mk1, 50mm f2. 35mm,70-300mm,12-60mmSWD,PL-25mm-1.4,150mm-F2
    MFT: 14-42(kit)/12mm/45mm


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      Re: Best Settings for E-520

      It really is all down to personal choice.

      I have model moan that the images are too sharp and it shows all their imperfections. That's even when using "Kit Lenses" when I use the 50mm f/2.0 they are super sharp and often have to be "softened" for portraits.

      There is no single "Best" setting. It's adjustable for the subject being photographed.

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