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Annoying Unremovable Fragment in Viewfinder

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  • HELP! Annoying Unremovable Fragment in Viewfinder

    Have any of you ever bought a used camera only to find dust and specks in the viewfinder? Annoying sometimes?

    Well I just a bought a used E-520 off of Ebay with 10k clicks, along with the 14-45(whichI will replace with the 14-42 for now), and when I look into the viewfinder, there is a thick fragment that looks like a pencil mark near the center circle.

    I used a blower, and compressed air. Did not remove it. I removed the focus screen, blow compressed air on it, and the mirrors above it, and nothing happened. Replaced the screen, and the mark is still there. I think if I send it into Olympus, it will cost me two to three times what I paid for the camera.

    Have any of you ever encountered this type of dirt embedded into the prism mirrors, and not focus screen?

    I think it is a manufacturing defect, some glue or something.

    Any similar experiences? What did you do?

    I will try to ignore it, and live with it.

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    Re: Annoying Unremovable Fragment in Viewfinder

    Oh dear, that's annoying! You seem to have done all that is possible without sending it to Olympus.
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      Re: Annoying Unremovable Fragment in Viewfinder

      Just for the heck of it, I called Olympus. They want a flat fee of $119.95 to repair or replace whatever is necessary.

      I can get another camera on Ebay for that money.

      I guess John, I will have to learn to live with it.

      The camera works, and the images are sharp and clear. What more could I ask for?.