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  • Hello from a new user

    I'm not new to photography but...

    Coming from a Pentax DSLR equipment I am slowly moving to more nimble cameras and lenses. I have a Pen and an E-M10 that I like a lot. Plus an XZ-10, which I use almost daily. I started to sell my Pentaxes (still have the K-r and some lenses). But I came across a couple good deals on a E-510 kit with the two zooms plus the FL36 flash and the 35mm macro. So be it. I didn't want to be left without an SLR and at least with this kit the small investment is not lost as I can use it with my mFT bodies as well. I've shot with it for a few days and so far I'm happy with it. What I spent on the Oly SLR is already covered by the sale of just my old K10d body and kit lens.

    In the coming years I expect to be shooting more with the smaller cameras but this SLR kit is exotic, versatile and complements the rest of my equipment very well. I'll be 100% Olympus in a short while...

    Have a nice day


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