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Photomicrophotography using Evolt 500

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  • Photomicrophotography using Evolt 500

    I am contemplating purchasing a reasonably good microscope, and having a go at, photomicrophotography.

    I am interested in as much info fellow members might be able to share.

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    Re: Photomicrophotography using Evolt 500

    this is not an area of photography I have any practical experience, but a good place for answers is at photomacrography(dot)net
    They have a micro site as well.
    You may be limited by your choice of cameras, as (I think) Olympus doesn't provide support for computerized control as Canon and Nikon do. An automated rail can help get around that. The deeper depth of field in 4/3 will help too, as may the focus bracketing function built into the E-500. If your intended subjects are static, focus stacking software can be helpful in merging several images for greater depth of field.


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      Re: Photomicrophotography using Evolt 500

      Thanks very much Stewart G. Every little helps. I will take a look at your suggestion. Many thanks.


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        Re: Photomicrophotography using Evolt 500

        I've used Leitz, Nikon and Olympus microscopes. No idea what the models were but don't think you could go wrong with a model from any of the better makers.
        It's the image that's important, not the tools used to make it.

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          Re: Photomicrophotography using Evolt 500

          At least Olympus do make microscopes.

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