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E-volt + wb button + phat thumb

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  • HELP! E-volt + wb button + phat thumb

    Can the WB Button be turned off or made non-functional on the E-500?

    I've had the E520 almost two years now and the E500 longer than that. I don't find the cameras comfortable to use. That's probably because of experience with larger cameras and that I keep hitting the WB Button while shooting and throw off my white balance big time. This is probably why I don't use the cameras that often.

    The E-Volt seems a bit small. I was shooting an event and later noticed my white balance was off big time - guess my PHAT thumb hit the WB button.

    According to my manual I can turn OFF the WB/Function button on the E-520. I'll try that later.

    The E-500 does not give me that option. It does give an option for preview. Anyone use this function? If you program the WB Button for preview must you preview before you can save the image to the CF card?

    I use a Nikon D200 at work. Most of my personal work is on the E-20 (Fantastic Camera). When I was using film I used Mamiya Super 23 Compact Press cameras. Guess I got used to a larger camera.