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35mm firmware problem. drives me crazy.

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  • 35mm firmware problem. drives me crazy.

    My 35mm macro was working perfectly since (regretfully) I downloaded Oly Master and the program told me i could update the firmware of the lens. So I did, the upload was supposed to allow me to use contrast focus on panasonic camera (that i don't have) but i thought it couldn't harm...

    Now my 35mm doesn't have contrast focus anymore in LV and it's a pain, because is the only lens I use in LV.

    Is it possible to go back or at least to do something? Oly Master tells me that my camera and lens are up to date and there is nothing i can dowload. Can I try to reinstall the firmware in someway?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: 35mm firmware problem. drives me crazy.

    It could be that during the update your camera has been reset to factory settings and you have to go through the menus to reinstate your favorite settings such as CD focusing in LV.

    Installing a previous version of the firmware can only be done by Olympus techs i.e. you'll have to send it in and probably pay for it.


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      Re: 35mm firmware problem. drives me crazy.

      my 35mm has never operated in CDAF mode on my E bodies.........I don't think you have lost anything at all
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        Re: 35mm firmware problem. drives me crazy.

        Unfortunately it's not a problem of settings, I've tried everything, even to take out the battery as in a mobile phone to reset the camera. It's a pity 'cause I was finding the CDAF very useful in macro mode. I was firstly autofocusing in one of the 11 points, then fine tuning manually. Sometimes it's not possible to recompose the shot in macro due to the very narrow depth of field and the 11 points of the CDAF were quite useful.
        "You miss something when you don't have it anymore..." said my auntie when they cut her leg last month.
        thanks anyway!