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  • HELP! No Focus auto confirm

    I'm a new user to digital SLRs and have just bought a second hand E420 together with a focus confirmed lens adaptor so I can use my old lenses from my OM10 on the E420, but I find that when I fit the lens which is a Vivitar 28-200 manual focus to the camera via the lens I am not getting any focus confirm signal. Do I have to change any of the settings on the camera for this to happen, what am I doing wrong.
    PLease help

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    Re: No Focus auto confirm

    Whst is the maximum aperture of the lens? 28-200 sounds like it might ony be f/5.6. It could be that you just haven't enough light to trigger the AF confirmation. Do you have a 50/1.8 to try, to eliminate problems with the adaptor?


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      Re: No Focus auto confirm

      I had problems with adapters from one suppler - sent one back and the replacement also didn't work. Went to a different supplier and all is well! Is the camera showing an aperture? The dandelion chip should tell the camera that the lens is set to a fixed value - normally f2.8. Without that electronic signal the AF confirm won't work, at last that was the problem with mine. You could try cleaning the contacts on the adapter to see if any glue is preventing a proper connection.


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        Re: No Focus auto confirm

        The first thing to check is whether the camera is showing an aperture value with the chipped adapter attached. If the camera aperture display just shows Ď- -Ď then the camera is not seeing the chip. The chip might have dirty contacts, might not be correctly positioned on the adapter, or might simply not be working.

        If the chip seems OK. set the camera to S-AF mode. The AF confirm wonít work if the camera is set to MF. Mount the lens on the camera via the adapter. With the lens at an aperture wider than f5.6, focus on a well lit subject with clear defined features whilst keeping the shutter button half pressed. If you donít half press the shutter button, the AF confirm will not operate. Focus the lens slowly.

        When the subject comes into focus the camera should beep to indicate focus is reached. At this point, with my E3, I do NOT see the AF point in the viewfinder flash red. But, if I release the shutter button and half press it again, the camera beeps again and the AF point flashes red.

        I find that the chips are not always 100% accurate and it plays to rock the focus back and forth by a small amount to ensure the focus is accurate. Note that once the camera has beeped, you will need to release the shutter and then half-press it again to get the AF-confirm to trigger again. Keep releasing and half pressing the shutter button to ensure the AF confirm is repeatable.

        If you still have no joy, I can post you an adapter that definitely does work to try. (I have loads but have almost totally switched to m4/3 so donít use them anymore.)

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