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  • Concerts

    My son is a by no means keen guitarist, last night he was performing in an open mic blues night and I took along my e-400. I'm currently stuck with the in-built flash. I took numerous shots but I'm only happy with some I tried various settings such as

    iso 1600, MF & S-AF, Aperture Priority (max aperture on all shots), WB Auto and 3000K.

    What should I be looking to change?

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    Re: Concerts

    For most events such as this flash is not appropriate so you are really looking at a fast lens and up the ISO.


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      Re: Concerts

      Even if flash is allowed, I would always prefer not to use it for concert photography, in order to capture the lighting effects. Not always possible, I know, and very much dependent on the available stage lighting.

      I've only just ordered my E-510, so can't help with actual settings just yet. I would suggest that using aperture priority might not be the best solution as you will end with very long exposure times - which on a non-IS model will result in lots of blurry shots.

      I've had a lot of success with my (soon to be retired) E-20, which has a nice f2.0-2.4 lens, using ISO 320 (the max the E-20 could go to), shutter priority, and 1/15s speed, no flash. Even with good lighting, I would only expect to get one out of three useable shots, and that goes down to one in ten for poorly lit stages.

      It will be interesting to see how the E-510 and a slower lens (but with higher ISO and IS) compares. Hopefully very well, seeing as I've got an indoor festival to cover next month I'll let you know how I get on with it.