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  • Wishes for fixes...

    I admit I'm a newbie when it comes to the E-330 (having bought it only a week ago), but I've been an E-300 user for three years. Now this may have been discussed before, but I NEED to rant about it.

    Whoever designed the One Touch White Balance (OTWB) function on the E-330 has never used a camera, and I'm surprised no one here has raised (and continued to raise) a stink about it until Olympus fixed it!

    First of all, why isn't there a OTWB shortcut in the menu, so that if you have the drive/fn key programmed to drive or DOF, you can still use the OTWB without having to change the function of the key to OTWB.

    Second, why do you need to press two buttons at once to engage the OTWB?

    Third, since it IS required to press two buttons, why didn't they make it so that it doesn't matter what function was assigned to the drive/fn key...the camera sees you holding down the drive/fn button and pressing the shutter it SHOULD know that you want to do a OTWB!

    I realize the odds of Olympus fixing this BLUNDER on a discontinued camera is less than them improving the performance of Studio, but this is a shameful glitch that doesn't deserve to be ignored, especially since they had several firmware updates already where they could have fixed the problem.

    p.s. Why is there only certain frame assists in one live view mode, and not the other...I wish that the mode B frame assists were also available in mode A.

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    Re: Wishes for fixes...

    A couple of other issues...

    - Protect feature. On the E-300 the OK button doubles as the Protect button (when you want to protect an image from being deleted). On the E-330, if you press the OK button it actually marks the image for DELETION In other words when you think you are preventing images from being deleted, you're doing the exact OPPOSITE!

    - Menu Layout. On the E-300 things made sense, the first shooting menu was a duplicate of the buttons so you almost never went into it, the second shooting menu was the default menu and it would default to drive (the second item in that menu). The first setup menu has things you would change occasionally while the second setup menu has the stuff you set once but almost never changed.

    On the E-330 the first default item is card setup (erase/format). Things that you'd change often AND change rarely are split between shooting menus 1 AND 2. Live View Boost (something that you would toggle often whether you were doing live view in the daytime or nighttime is buried on the third page of Setup Menu 1.


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      Re: Wishes for fixes...

      You are no newbie.

      And Hi. Welcome to the discontinued club.

      I have so much problems with the OTWB that I did not bother with it. I shoot RAW and have all that adjusted when I develop my shots.

      Somehow, I do not face problems with the menu..maybe because I moved from the E-500 to the E-330 and the menus are basically the same except for the OTWB. I really missed that.

      I really feel your pain when you want to protect a shot, it ended up deleted..I made it a point never to delete any shots in camera. I only delete them after I saved them to a backup device..the memory chip is then formatted for the next session. I have in the past killed xD chips when I deleted pictures directly from the chip. Since then I never delete any pictured directly from the chip be it in camera or off camera..It's only always format in camera.

      Cheers hope we get a Fn OTWB.
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        Re: Wishes for fixes...

        I was one of the early adopters of the 330, the colors were so much better. Live view A is still the best thing going.

        The 3xx series always had the better build and more features, I hope it continues. I prefer the tilt screen to the E 3's swivel screen and the left hand VF too.

        I keep hearing a rumor about it's upgrade coming and I have my own list.

        I would like to see the mirror not have to drop in LV B if everything is manual.

        A return of the grip and cord abilities. At least a receiver on the back of the body.

        Put the play button back on the right of the screen.

        Make the flash wireless and the design of the 3xx series means I could put a fl 50 in the hot shoe while the pop up controls the FL 50r's.

        Place the Mode A sensor behind a swinging mirror in the VF path, that would expose the sensor and block the VF at the same time. No more loss of light.

        Put the new 12 MP sensor in it but not a crippled version. Give it the same IQ as the tweener, just slower. Other wise I'll just take another E 3

        Please put IS in it. Better iso 1600 too.

        Improve the AF speed and the refresh rate of Mode B, A if possible.

        It will be interesting to see what price they ask, the 330 retailed for $1000 and that is where the tweener is suppose to be. I'm willing to pay if it is worth it, otherwise like I said before, I rather buy another E 3.


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          Re: Wishes for fixes...

          I have never used any of the E3xx series cameras but have read that the users are usually devotees. I understand your frustrations but seriously doubt that there will be any updates now. It seems to me that Olympus have other things on their minds.


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            Re: Wishes for fixes...

            An 330 improved the way Jim asks, and with the same or improved build quality (weatherproofing) would be heaven and a must buy. My E-330 is a joy to use.

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              Re: Wishes for fixes...

              If you want a preview of what it's like to use a Oly MFT, ask a 330 user. The mode A live view so out preforms any of the rest of the Live views, it's not funny. I will be impressed if MFT can focus as fast.

              I used Live view all the time on the 330, the 7-14 just works with LV A and the tilting screen. I barely turn it on with the E 3. The flip screen is a pain and so is LV B.

              The 330 is fun to use.

              I hold out hope only because of a update being mentioned lately and interviews saying they intended to have 3 entry level, the tweener and a pro. Even after the 510 came out they said they intended to continue to release the 330.

              So it's a glimmer of hope but like I said, I'll take another E 3 if the IQ is crippled.


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                Re: Wishes for fixes...

                I was out shooting yesterday with the E-330, and I tried ModeB for a was SILLY the way the shutter had to close and the mirror had to drop, etc. not to mention the wear and tear on the one talks about that. A camera with a shutter life of 30,000-60,000 would be cut by two thirds to 10,000-20,000 pictures if ModeB Live View was used for every shot...not to mention the time the shutter is held open; that was the reason why I opted for the E-330 over newer models, because if I'm doing a portrait workshop I don't need to worry about burning out the shutter.

                As for the rest of the comments, while I appreciate keeping the thread alive an updated E-3xx body (even with ModeA) isn't what I'm interested in...I want Olympus to fix the BUGS in my current camera's's appalling that Olympus doesn't support a camera that's only two years old; even my used laptop has had bug fixes five years later.