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  • HELP! used e-30

    i am upgrading from the e-510 to the e-30. because it is a used camera i was wondering if any one had any tips or pointers on things i could check to make sure that the camera is functioning properly. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: used e-30

    Take some long exposures with the lens/body cap on (1s - 30s) without noise reduction and see if there are any HOT Pixels. You can map these out if there are some.

    Do some shots of a white card and see if there are any DEAD/STUCK pixels.

    A series of shots of the same subject at different speeds (Same f/stop) will show if the shutter is working to provide the different exposures.

    An exposure meter is ideal for testing the metering of the camera, but if you get a reasonable image, most of the time metering either works or not.

    Try all the anti-shake settings. Then make sure the body is controlling the lens as it should (DoF preview is useful) and choose a focus spot at the closest the lens will focus and then at a distance to see if the AF is doing it correctly.

    Good Luck

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      Re: used e-30

      You may find that the images from the e510 are better than the e30. The e510 has a very weak filter to the sensor therefore images have more detail. When i bought a second hand e30 i was not impressed with the image quality compared to the e510.
      Good luck with your search.
      Regards, keith howes


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        Re: used e-30

        Thanks a lot guys, I plan on applying those tips as soon as i receive the camera (it's on its way via ebay). I am disappointed about the picture quality. i thought I would be upgrading by going with the e-30 with all the additional improvements and advancements between it and the e-510 and i hadn't read anything to the contrary. thanks again and i'll post again once i receive the camera.