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E-30 Malfunction! Mirror lock up and more!

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  • HELP! E-30 Malfunction! Mirror lock up and more!

    This morning I went out to take some shots of the Dinagyang festival here in our city. Itís basically dancing to the beat of the drums and the participants dressed up as colorful warriors. The dances are very lively and I decided to shoot in continuous mode. I set my camera on low continuous mode. To my surprise after over a hundred shots my cameraís mirror locked up. The display on the LCD screen on top of the camera showed the pertinent data just as if it was in normal operations. I removed the battery and restarted the camera and I was able to shoot again. I thought it was just the battery because it indicated a low power. I also thought that the camera mustíve been confused since the camera focusing was set on S-AF and I was shooting left and right and that the camera had to catch up on focusing. I decided to change batteries and decided to shift to C-AF. After about 50 shots I was surprised that my camera malfunctioned again. I couldnít take a shot and the LCD on top of the camera displayed busy. I had to remove the battery again to be able to shoot. Has anybody experienced these types of malfunction with the e-30? If you have please let me know what to do?

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    Re: E-30 Malfunction! Mirror lock up and more!

    It sounds as though the card wasn't reading fast enough for the continuous shooting. The camera's buffer would fill up faster than the card could read it. Once the butter is emptied normal operation would resume. That's what it meant by "busy". You very likely lost some of the photos that you took if you shut down or removed the battery before it finished writing to the card.

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      Re: E-30 Malfunction! Mirror lock up and more!

      Thanks Jeff, I think you're right. But, I'm still wondering what caused that mirror lock-up.