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  • E-30 Noise Concerns

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. Last October I took some sunset shots and found that my pictures had some noise. I was quite surprised considering that My ISO setting was only at ISO 200. The shot was taken with a speed of 1/100 of a second with an aperture setting of F11. Gradation and Picture mode were all set at normal. It's too bad that I can't attach the sample. I tried to upload it several times but failed. I hope you can give me some advice how to set my camera to minimize noise as much as possible. I normally do not do post processings. Thanks

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    Re: E-30 Noise Concerns

    I'm guessing that as it was a sunset it may have been underexposed which in itself will cause more noise to be prominent .

    I cannot say I have ever been disappointed with the E-30 as far as noise is concerned as long as the exposure was correct.

    Saying that I have never shot jpeg and always shoot raw as I prefer full control myself whatever camera I am shooting with.

    E-30 at f5.2 @ 1/250 at ISO 1250, raw processed in Adobe ACR (LR3).

    100% Crop

    Regards Paul.
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      Re: E-30 Noise Concerns

      I would suggest turning gradation off as well


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        Re: E-30 Noise Concerns

        Originally posted by crimbo View Post
        I would suggest turning gradation off as well
        That would be selecting Normal, which he has already stated, "Gradation and Picture mode were all set at normal."

        I prefer to save JPEG & RAW for backup etc & at this point I only use the Olympus Viewer 2 for editing.

        I assume for uploading photos you (jpmiloilo) resize the photo to a maximum of 900 pixels on the long side, otherwise it will be too big to be uploaded (it has to fit on the web screen for viewing as well as being a maximum in file size too).
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          Re: E-30 Noise Concerns

          Great shot Paul, I think I will have to experiment on my camera. Thanks for all the tips.


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            Re: E-30 Noise Concerns


            Various reviews on the Olympus E-30 and the E-620 [both have the same sensor] critisized them for being a tad more noisy than other cameras with APS-C size sensors, although I have seen one APS-C camera with just as much noise, no names mentioned!

            Firstly, Jpeg output on these 2 cameras carries less noise than RAW and the processing engine on the E series cameras gets virtually all the Jpeg info off the sensor and is recognised both by users and the photographic press as the finest Jpeg images there is rendering RAW files almost superfulous, obviously, shooting RAW gives you much more scope for adjustment in PP.

            The E-30 and 620 both have a 12mp sensor and Olympus used a slightly stronger AA filter on the 30 & 620 than the E-510. Default noise reduction is in my view a tad too aggressive which can smooth over finer detail. This is why I set the noise filter to low which preserves a bit more detail and in camera sharpening to -1 on my 620. I have held the view for a long time that a bit of noise is no bad thing as it preserves detail. Soft images can be sharpened up in PP.
            I keep the graduation set to normal not Auto.
            If you shoot no higher than ISO 800 then all should be fine, [I bet you never shot 35-mm above 400 ASA].

            Look at the Web site, he has tested and written some superb reviews on the E-System cameras and made some very sensible suggestions for settings etc, check out his E-30 test



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              Re: E-30 Noise Concerns

              Thanks Pete, I'll give all your comments a shot. I haven't been out lately but I heard that there are some nice Christmas light exhibits out of town. I'll follow your advice. Thanks so much.