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    I am new to the E3, having bought a second hand body back in July. I have an E400 so use the same lenses between cameras.

    All was well until a few weeks ago, when I changed the lens on my E3. In a moment of absent mindedness, I forgot to turn the camera to off before removing the lens.

    Since then, randomly, when I am taking a photo, I get the message of F__ where the F number should be shown, and the auto focus doesn't auto focus. I can switch it off & on again & then carry on taking pictures.

    I have changed batteries, also removed & refitted said lens, with the camera switched off, but am still getting the 'error code'.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: E3 Error Code

    It's not an error code, it's the display got get when the lens can't communicate its aperture value to the body. You get it when using legacy/manual focus lenses. I'd try cleaning the contacts on the lens and body.
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      Re: E3 Error Code

      Thanks, am using a Zuiko lens, bought with the E400, on the E-3. Will give cleaning the contacts (gently) a go!


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        Re: E3 Error Code

        In future if you don't have time or possibility to clean the contacts you can also try to remount the lens - usually it should help.
        I got the same issue couple of times with E520 while just turning on the camera (didn't change the lens) but after cleaning the contacts there has been no issues.
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