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  • Compact Flash Card Compatibility


    Hello all,

    I have just joined, and checked in at the “Hello there” forum.

    But I also have a question as relates to my prized E-1s.

    I need to buy some additional Compact Flash cards for my E-1s.

    But Compact Flash technology has z-o-o-m-e-d (both in size and speed) into the stratosphere since I got the
    ones I’m using now:
    - SanDisk
    - 1GB
    - 20mb/sec
    - [non speed rated]

    As I find myself shopping for Compact Flash cards:

    Size: I am not concerned about.
    A 4GB card will be plenty big for my shooting habits,
    and I understand (correctly, I believe) that the E-1 supports 4GB no problem.

    My Question: is about the s-p-e-e-d of the card.
    I know to stay away from UDMA.
    But regardless of that...
    The SLOWEST card I can find on B&H (where I would like to shop if possible) is a
    - SanDisk (which I would like to stay with)
    - Ultra
    - 30MB/sec (200x) Speed

    [my question] Is the E-1 happy with a 30MB/sec 200X speed rated card?

    (...although if your answer is “no” I’m not sure what I am supposed to do;
    shop eBay for “antique” Compact Flash cards? )

    Much obliged for your advice.

    Happy to be here,



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    Re: Compact Flash Card Compatibility

    Russ the speed of the card just means how fast the card can record information, if your camera can only write to the card at 40x speed it is just wasted money paying for a higher speed card that's all.

    The speed of the card does not matter unless it is slower than your camera can write or you are shooting many frames a second for long periods.

    The speed of the card should not make any difference just avoid UDMA ones, the fastes card I have is a 4 GB 133x and works fine in my E-1.

    I'm in the UK but you can get the cards from here if you do not want to get them from B&H.
    Regards Paul.
    One day I hope to be the person my dogs think I am.


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      Re: Compact Flash Card Compatibility


      Thanks Paul.

      I knew there were some sources of potential incompatibility:
      - UDMA
      - capacity possibly? 8GB? 16GB? 32GB? 64GB? 128GB?

      I just didn't know about "speed" per se.

      Good to hear you say no problem with 30MB/sec 200X speed.

      (... only thing that could have been better, if you'd said "30MB/sec 200X, yep, that's the exact card I'm shooting!" )

      Thanks again, and for your welcome at the "Hello" place.




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        Re: Compact Flash Card Compatibility

        Just checking back.

        I’m assuming that Paul has rendered the definitive opinion,
        and, in the words of David Byrne “Say something once, why say it again?”

        If so, thanks Paul (for doing the heavy lifting for the rest of the forum )




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          Re: Compact Flash Card Compatibility


          I´m using my E-1 with Sandisk Extreme IV 266x and Lexar 300x, 4Gb, with no problems, but you must read this:

          best regards,



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            Re: Compact Flash Card Compatibility


            Thanks! This post drove the nail up flush.

            1) you are using 266X (SanDisk) and 300X cards in your E-1, and
            2) John on biofos was reporting clean performance from a 266X SanDisk card in his E-1

            So, now I’m extra-double confident that my “compatibility” question is answered.

            I’m going after a handful of SanDisk “Ultra” 4GB 30mb/sec 200X cards
            a) y’all (you, Paul and John Foster) have all convinced me of E-1 compatibility
            b) it’ll be plenty fast for my modest shooting habits (no need to spend more for any marginal speed gains)
            c) they’re only 20 bucks apiece! (I don't want to even look up what I must have paid for my ONE gig 20mb/sec card five years ago!)

            Much obliged,




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              Re: Compact Flash Card Compatibility


              6 years ago, I remember paying near $300 for a 6 gig Micro drive and that was cheap compared to a 6 gig CF card back then.
              Funny thing is, everyone said how unreliable they were but mine are still working to this day.



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                Re: Compact Flash Card Compatibility

                Hmmm, I can remember paying £70 for a 16Meg card for my Nikon Coolpix 950 when I bought it

                Also beware of counterfeit cards, particularly Sandisk ones on ebay
                See Here
                Regards to All

                The nearest thing I've got to a home page.


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                  Re: Compact Flash Card Compatibility

                  I once had a 1GB Type II Compact Flash card (the thicker variety) on loan for review a long time ago and it accidentally went through the wash. This was a heart-stopper because its price was about US$1,000... luckily it survived and was returned to the manufacturer without any need for comment!

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