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  • updating firmware

    I have discovered that one of my E1 Bodies has never had the firmware updated, whilst the other is version 4. It seems though I am no longer able to update it myself, I get the message that it's not available with this camera. So my question is what can I do?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Re: updating firmware

    wazzd, need to post 2 more times b4 I can reply properly


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      Re: updating firmware

      As above !


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        Re: updating firmware

        Hi, I bought a lovely E-1 body in almost new condition on EB.
        Having read the tales of woe around E1 firmware updating was hoping it would have v1.5 loaded.

        No such luck, the excellent condition should have been a clue, it was at v1.0

        Tried the usual methods on my Win7 PC, Master2, Viewer3, switching PC Mode between Storage and Control, taking CF card out; then onto an XP Laptop; same palaver but got nowhere.

        So, loaded the driver WIN_ENU_UP.exe (tho I'm not sure it worked as it did spit out a message saying Studio/Viewer not loaded) so loaded Studio on Win7 tried again and it worked straight away, going to v1.5 in one go.

        So to recap, with a FULLY charged battery:-

        1) To check version loaded, with camera OFF, open card door, turn on, press Play and OK together
        This will show the version loaded for the body and any lens attached.

        2) Load Olympus Studio; I used disc I got with a E510 years ago, it loaded version 2.01 which I selected to 'Try' (there's a 30 day free trial)

        3) You can get the mysterious driver by going to
        Taking 2nd option "OLYMPUS Studio 1.x/OLYMPUS Viewer 1.x driver for Windows XP SP2" which starts a download from of -
        "DRIVER_WIN_ENU_UP.exe 1.18Mb"

        4) Run the .exe

        5) Set Olympus E-1 Menu Spanner1/PC Mode to CONTROL, back out of menu, power off camera (leave CF card in)

        6) Start Studio

        7) Connect Camera to PC with USB (haven't tried Firewire !?)

        8) Top left of Studio, select Camera and choose option to Update Camera/Add Display Language

        9) Should link with camera, check with Olympus server and provide a panel listing the updates available.

        10) Just said v1.5 when I did it, highlight this and take button to update below left.

        11) Follow Instructions on screen panel regarding when to disconnect camera and power off camera.

        Thought I would key this while fresh in mind, so haven't been able to properly investigate what's changed, but it is happy with a Kingston Ultimate 16Gb 266x card, which seems to give 3120 SHQ image storage capacity. What I did notice was that it took ages to start when 16Gb card loaded first time, but subsequently seems no slower than 1Gb 80x card it came with.




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          Re: updating firmware

          Should have said I did the successful update on Win7 !