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  • E-1 "Info" display usage - Help

    Hi, all!

    For whatever reason, I've never used the "Info" button on my E-1 (in the YEARS I have had it).
    Probably because of 30 years of OM-1 shooting, and just not relying on or thinking in terms of that kind of information being a part of my shooting.

    But I was trying to here today, and I can't figure it out.

    I did it ONCE - and was toggling through highlight - histogram - shooting information.
    But apparently I just "stumbled" on making it happen, and can't reproduce the button and wheel clicks and such.

    I have the manual, p. 129, but it doesn't help.

    Anybody talk me through this?



    P.S. "Info" as I understand it is a function that exists under "Playback".
    Now...what I'd really like to do is have a way to see REAL TIME what the focal length of my lens is set at.
    You can see it approximately, of course, on the rubber zoom dial markings.
    But I have a need to see the exact "mm" I am shooting as I am setting up to take a shot. Any way to do this?
    - thanks

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    Re: E-1 "Info" display usage - Help

    I'm using an E-1 for the past 5 years, but I don't understand your problem.

    To my knowledge, there is no way the E-1 will show you in real time the real focal length of the lens. Only after the picture is taken. But I never used the camera connected to the PC using Studio camera control.

    You can see a better way to manage the Info button in the Dpreview:

    Best regards.



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      Re: E-1 "Info" display usage - Help


      There was a "problem" (main body of text) and then a "question" (p.s.)

      The "problem" was - I can't figure out the presses and dial spins to be able to step through the highlight-histogram-shooting information screens.

      The "question" I think you understand - is there any way to see exact mm focal length as you are composing shot, i.e., before you take image.



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        Re: E-1 "Info" display usage - Help

        Now I see what is happening.

        It is a bit odd, but it works like this:

        The Info button has two levels of information. After pressing "play", you are in the first level. You can change the information in this first level by turning a wheel while pressing the "info" button.

        If you just press the "info" button, you access the second level. And again, you can change the information by turning a wheel while pressing the "info" button.

        If you just press the "info" button again, you return to first level.

        Only in the second level you can see the real focal length of the lens when the picture was taken.

        I hope this helps.

        Best regards,



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          Re: E-1 "Info" display usage - Help

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          OK, after reading your last post, and then RE-reading the manual, I ~guess~, if one wanted to make a case for defending the writers of the manual, you ~could~ say that they do ~SORT OF~ explain it. Yes, they use the word "Press" in one place and the word "HOLD" in another. But even then it's not all that clear just what you're doing and why.

          But they way you lay it out... as a "first level" of information and a "second level of information", and how to get from one level to the other and then back again... they should have gotten YOU to write the manual!

          It is all quite clear to me now.
          How clear?

          Thank you.