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E-520 vs E-620?

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  • E-520 vs E-620?

    I've posted this question elsewhere, but I figured that I should post it here as well since I'm still on the fence.

    I'm about ready to buy my first SLR. After about six months of agonizing, I've decided to go with Olympus. I want something that I can (more) easily carry backpacking and traveling in general, so the 4/3 system seems like the way to go. Being able to get a 600mm reach from a $250 lens (70-300) is also a huge plus. I was initially hesitant because of the high ISO noise issues, but I don't think it will be much of an issue considering that I'll be doing primarily lanscapes and street photography.

    I was ready to pull the trigger on the E-620, but now I'm wondering if I should go with a refurbished E-520 from B&H or Adorama. There's about a $180 difference between the two, and I figure that I can put that money towards another lens down the road. Would the smaller size and other features of the E-620 be worth the money considering that this is my first SLR?

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    Re: E-520 vs E-620?

    Hi welcome,

    If you look at the review on dpreview you will get a good idea of the abilities of the E620. It is in my opinion and that of dpreview that it is presently the best small camera olympus have produced. The high ISO noise issue with Olympus is a left over opinion that is really no longer the case, the E 620 is now a very close match to Nikon or Canon. The great thing about Olympus is that the lens line is superb, better in my opinion than either Nikon or Canon. For the needs you have described I would highly recommend the E 620.

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      Re: E-520 vs E-620?

      i second bill's comments. the e620 is the way to go. i went from the e520 to the e620 and all i could say within the first few minutes was, wow, wow, wow. i was excited about the camera. the graphics, lcd screen is much better. the swivel screel is invaluable to me, because i do self-portaits and if i don't want to bend, i don't have to. it's also smaller and it worked better with my 70-300 when i had it.

      620 all the way.
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        Re: E-520 vs E-620?

        Forget the E-520 It's a good camera, but the E-620 is in another league - and of the next generation.
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