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Shooting Greenscreen with GH4

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  • Shooting Greenscreen with GH4


    I have a GH4 and am starting a project filming educational and edutainment videos, generally for consumption online (Youtube, websites, etc). I'll be using a greenscreen and basically talking in front of photos, maps, etc. (after post). Reasonably simple. I'm a beginner with motion pictures, though I have some experience and training with photography and recently I've been researching basic equipment and techniques for filmmaking.

    My question is about what settings I should use for filming. A few people suggested 4K, but as far as I could tell from my research, with the 4:2:0 internal-recording chroma subsampling, I really wouldn't be getting any more detail than true 1080p (If this is wrong, please let me know). And if that is true, it wouldn't really be any better for correcting greenscreen footage. I saw that I could export 4:2:2 from the mini-HDMI, which looks like a definite step up, but I couldn't figure out if I could record directly to a computer or whether I needed a dedicated external recorder like an Atomos. My main computer is an HP workstation which has DisplayPort (not HDMI). Theoretically I could buy another computer, for example a used iMac if that would help things at all. I have also looked at external recorders, but I don't know if it's worth the money, for example if I will really see any improvement in quality with the ability to record 4:2:2. I have a bit to invest, but my budget is somewhat limited, so I have to spend carefully thinking about price/performance.

    So basically, my question is whether it's worth going to 4K 4:2:2, and if so, what's the cheapest way to do it (for example, can I use my HP workstation if I have the right program and cable?)

    Also, if you care to add any information about whether I should be recording 24p or 30p etc., it would be appreciated. There's a huge amount of options and I'm a bit unsure of what I should use for videos that will primarily be posted online.


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    Re: Shooting Greenscreen with GH4

    If the final product is for online video then shooting standard HD 1080p at 24p would be fine! Good lighting and placing the Talent a meter or more away from the green screen to avoid shadows is important. Rob