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Power supply for DMW-Yagh interface

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  • HELP! Power supply for DMW-Yagh interface


    I purchased the YACH interface for my GH4 and am having difficulty deciding on a power supply. Indipro makes a battery powered supply. They also make an AC powered one that converts AC to DC 12V 6A. The YAGH specs list the power source as DC 12V 1.4A. Can I use the AC power supply?

    Does anyone own the YAGH? If so, What power supply do you use? Panasonic does not make one which seems a little odd.

    Thanks for your help.

    Dennis Lambert
    Vashon, Washington

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    Re: Power supply for DMW-Yagh interface

    Please tell me if you found a power supply for the DMW-YAGH. Thanks in advance.


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      Re: Power supply for DMW-Yagh interface

      Hello Mr. Country,

      I received the 12v 6A power supply and plugged it in and it works fine so far. The one I purchased was from Adorama, B&H has it too I believe. It is sold by Indipro, which from all I've read is a reputable company, though the product is made in China. What isn't? It was $79.95 with free shipping. I saw a 12v 5A on eBay for about $15-30 less expensive. From my research the most important thing is the voltage. So make sure whichever company you purchase from has a good reputation of making good 12V power supplies, that push a consistent 12 volts. Anything over 17 volts could damage both the GH4 and the Yagh.

      I do have one question though and maybe you know the answer. Does a battery have to be in the camera when an external power supply is used? I haven't tried it yet.

      Good Luck,



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        Re: Power supply for DMW-Yagh interface

        I greatly appreciate the reply. I did order one of the Indipro power supplies, but i have not used the yagh as of yet so i would not know if it will power the camera without the battery. I will definitely test it later this week when the Indipro comes in. Thanks so much for the help.


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          Re: Power supply for DMW-Yagh interface

          I tested the 12V XLR AC Power Adapter today and yes it will power both the camera and interface without the battery. This is going to be perfect for me as this is going to be used mostly in the studio.