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E-P5 - stopping accidental flash release

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  • E-P5 - stopping accidental flash release

    After a return to Four Thirds gear, I decided to upgrade my m4/3 kit too which involved buying an E-P5 (always regretted selling my previous one) and an E-M1 along with the 12-40mm and 60mm macro lenses. The reason I gave up my Fuji X-T1 (great camera) for the E-M1 was exclusively the ability to use focus-stacking in camera - it's a boon for macro and landscape work.

    I love the E-P5 - imho it's the most beautiful of the m4/3 bodies and if it had weather sealing like the E-M1, it would be near perfect for my purposes - apart from one annoying problem - the number of times I accidentally release the flash when holding the body and especially when changing lenses. It drives me crazy....but I have found a solution.

    I buy lots of leathers and light seals for my old cameras from and while browsing, I spotted that he offered leather covers for the Olympus m4/3 bodies AND a bespoke protector for the E-P5 that attaches to the back to prevent accidental pressing of the flash release button. I've just ordered one and will report back when I receive it, along with some leather covers for an E-PM1 to improve grip.

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    Re: E-P5 - stopping accidental flash release

    I had to add a guard pad around my E-M5 battery grip's (HLD-6) shutter button too, because it could get pressed in by accident. It was disconcerting when it was meant to be locked but got pressed in while half pressing the top shutter button to get focus & it would immediately fire (just a bug in those models & earlier DSLR's). Thankfully that doesn't occur with the E-M1 & grip, but sometimes a bit of ingenuity doesn't go astray in getting around these issues, like yours.

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      Re: E-P5 - stopping accidental flash release

      The button protector arrived today and works perfectly; it makes lens changing a much less irritating procedure as that flash stays shut!
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