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Sigma micro4/3rds lenses

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  • Sigma micro4/3rds lenses

    Anyone tried the new Sigma 19mm & 30mm lenses for micro4/3rds ?

    Is there a review anywhere of these two ?


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    Re: Sigma micro4/3rds lenses

    There are few reviews so far, 30mm review here and 19mm review here.
    Regards, Pavel.

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      Re: Sigma micro4/3rds lenses

      I wonder how this new Sigma 19-mm lens compares to the Panasonic 20-mm F/1.7 which has had rave reviews for optical performance.



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        Re: Sigma micro4/3rds lenses

        I know that this post is old, but I do have both the 19mm & 30mm Sigma lenses. . . . Both are really good lenses. And color is very good.
        As to how the 19mm Sigma compares to the 20mm Pani, well it depends on what you want. A friend of mine and I have been doing some testing since May of last year. If speed is the thing than the Pani will be the ticket it's a lot faster. (Although 2.8 isn't bad) Color with the Pani on a Pani camera is better. Color of the Sigma on a Olympus is better.
        Over all handle ability I give the edge to the Sigma. (So does my friend)
        Comes down to this. I bought the Sigma over the Pani for two reasons. On I have an Olympus camera and the color was better. And at the price of the Pani I got two lenses. . . . .
        As far as which one I would buy if I could only get one? That would be the 30mm. Big jump in speed of the kit lens at that focal length.
        An interesting note that both my friend and I have come to. The 30mm Seems more teley on the camera than a 60mm, when the crop factor is figured in. And the 19mm seems more wide than the 38mm when you figure the crop factor. . . . . I don't know why that is. Cameras used were a Pani G10 and a Olympus EPL 1. . . .