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7-14 F2.8 Reviews?

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  • 7-14 F2.8 Reviews?

    Has anyone got hold of the new Zuiko 7-14 F2.8 and give any comparisons to the Panny 7-14 F4 lens?

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    Re: 7-14 F2.8 Reviews?

    While I still can't make the move to micro 4/3, I can vouch for the 7-14mm f4 for 4/3. It is truly stunning. It quickly became a favourite lens of mine, and the only reason I don't walk around with it more is out of fear of damaging it.
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      Re: 7-14 F2.8 Reviews?

      I'd like to see some comparisons with the old ZD 7-14 f4. I do a fair bit of architectural photography with this lens, a smaller, faster and more accurately focussing lens would be great.
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        Re: 7-14 F2.8 Reviews?

        I got to "play" with one, and was very impressed. I've sold my Olympus 7-14 f/4 so couldn't do any side by side tests, but handling is much improved, with a very smooth zoom and snap focus making it highly desirable.

        Robin Wong's review was very positive.

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          Re: 7-14 F2.8 Reviews?

          Yes thats the big problem with that lens, the front seems so vunerable. I got the Samyang 7.5 which doesnt seem quite as vunerable and much more reasonably priced.