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Compare quality of 43 Zuiko lenses

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  • HELP! Compare quality of 43 Zuiko lenses

    After "migrating" from my old E-1 for Pentax DSLR and Micro 4-3 I realized that this old classic produces great images (mainly in daylight). I am about to get an E-1 with the Zuiko 14-54mm. lens - all in pristine condition.

    I want to slowly collect lenses for it.

    I would like to know if there is a difference in optical quality between the older version of the Zuiko 40-150 F-3.5-4.5 and the newer and lighter version 40-150 F-4-5.6?

    How does the Zuiko ED 70-300 lens compared?

    How good is the Sigma 50-200mm.?

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    Re: Compare quality of 43 Zuiko lenses


    I can only speak for what I know... and I never had the old 40-150 f3.3-4.5.

    In practical terms, the later one is better: lighter, smaller, closest minimum focusing distance and the ability of being used in cameras with CDAF.

    In optical terms, I always heard the old one is better, but the few times I used it I didn't have both to compare.

    You can always read this:

    biofos old and new 40-150




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      Re: Compare quality of 43 Zuiko lenses

      The old one did focus faster than the 70-300 but is not usable with cameras without Paf. It showed little green fringing in high contrast areas in the frame. In combi with the EX25 you have a nice close focus lens with nice bookeh. This one is cropped very close to 1:1. Made with the E3.

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        Re: Compare quality of 43 Zuiko lenses

        I would only say this - I have E-1s with 14-54, 40-150/3.5-4.5 and 70-300 and all these lenses are great. 40-150 Mk1 is superb on E-1, crispey sharp even wide open and silly cheap. Only "downsides" may be for someone the 1.5 meter minimal focusing distance and rotating front element.
        70-300 is more for macro/closeup photography, but I've been shooting even some sports and concerts with that, it is a very capable lens to get, if you dont want to lug and pay extra for 50-200 with TC14.
        Regards, Pavel.

        E-1(x2) | ZD 14-45 | ZD 14-54 | ZD 40-150 Mk.1 | ZD 70-300 | FL-50 | Velbon Sherpa 750R
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          Re: Compare quality of 43 Zuiko lenses

          Thanks all for commenting!