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Yowsa! Minolta 500mm (mirror) lens!

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  • Yowsa! Minolta 500mm (mirror) lens!

    After a bit of research, it seemed the Minolta 500mm was a pretty good performer mounted on the GF-1.....and looking at some of the sample shots from pros like J Radcliffe etc made it even more intriguing. I thought I would keep an eye out for one, but wasn't too hopefull, as they are becoming quite scarce, according to my camera shop.

    Well lo and behold, one came into one of their branch stores in a trade shortly thereafter, and I had it sent over to the branch nearest me. We did a couple of tests right in the store, as I already had my minolta adapter... and the results were amazing IMHO!

    Test pics below:
    My daughter took the first pic, hand held, through the front window of the store!
    You can see that the "bokeh" of the catadioptric lenses can be managed just fine if you are careful of your background highlights.

    I took the last two pics with my camera mounted on one of the store's tripods, out the door looking across the street. Focused the first through the LVF, and the second one on the lcd screen, to see if any issues in critical focus occurred.
    Both seem fine to me, and I was impressed with the color and sharpness of the images!
    Straight jpegs out of the camera, no fiddling at all with these images.
    A little more sharpening would help, for sure.... but it's pretty darned good already.

    Obviously, this lens needs to be on a tripod for best results, (and a heavier tripod than I used in the store).... but a compact 1000mm f8, with this kind of result, I am a happy camper!
    Find one if you can, is all I can say!

    ok, the test shots are not inspiring.... but I just wanted to see the IQ.


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    Re: Yowsa! Minolta 500mm (mirror) lens!

    That was a lucky find! I look forward to seeing some shots taken in the field with this lens.
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