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Legacy lenses and lens mount adapters

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  • Legacy lenses and lens mount adapters

    Here's another new board on the FTU forum, for discussing legacy lenses and lens mount adapters. Four Thirds system users can use a greater selection of lenses than any other system through the use of adapters and some of the latest Olympus DSLR models can even image stabilise these lenses. If you are interested in using old lenses, or even lenses from some other current DSLR systems, on your Four Thirds camera, this is the board for you

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    Re: Legacy lenses and lens mount adapters

    Using many Nikon lenses with adapter
    Akiva S.:\

    14-42 ED
    40-150 ED
    Nikon Adapter


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      Re: Legacy lenses and lens mount adapters

      Once again you are a mind reader...
      Today I had my first "full" experience with a legacy 180mm nikkor on my "old" E-1, with my first adapter of the new generation "Af-confirm dandelion", that work in ALL olympus E-system cameras (on the E-1, you have to turn the focus switch to MF, in order to light up the focus confirmation point, but it does not "beep").

      My first Nikon-4/3 adapter was really bad. No turn stop; could not hold the cap and a had a very cheap feel.
      My second was really better made, but just a bit of brass.
      This one gives to legacy lens a new life (LV is ok with these lenses on a tripod, but that is all - and my eyes aren't young anymore).

      Look forward to post in this thread.

      Best regards.


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        Re: Legacy lenses and lens mount adapters

        I have a Tamron SP90 from my old steam Nikon days that seems to work reasonably well with a Nikon to 4/3 cheap adaptor.

        I have just unearthed a Tamron CF Tele Macro 80 -210 from the same era and wonder if anyone had any experience of using such? It also has a Nikon fitting in place but I see that Tamron to 4/3 adaptors are also available and wonder if such would be a better bet?



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          Re: Legacy lenses and lens mount adapters

          Besides it being a bit clumsy with focussing...
          The old novoflex telelenses (I have a 600mm which I bought for 75 euro) do a swell job on my e-3.


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            Re: Legacy lenses and lens mount adapters

            Got a great adapter off of amazon for $29 and have been using with with Nikkor 55mm F2;8 macro and Nikkor 50 1;4. Results have been amazing. The current zuiko 50mm f2;0 can even touch the micro in terms of clarity and magnification. Switching to the classic glass has given me a new camera (E500) and saved thousands. Its been really exciting.


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              Re: Legacy lenses and lens mount adapters

              i have aquired an af converter for my old om lens,the e 510 beeps but it is very low, can it be made to sound louder.ron.


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                Re: Legacy lenses and lens mount adapters

                I'm using a Panasonic G1 with a Novoflex MFT -> Nikon F adapter, almost exclusively with a Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5. This lens is fantastic on f/5.6, even on the G1's high resolution sensor! I bought this lens off eBay some years ago for 44 euros and the adapter for 120 euros, so it's a whole lot cheaper than the Leica DG Elmarit 45mm. Not surprisingly, the Micro 55/3.5 is also outstanding on my D300s and D200 (gone now).

                The Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/4 is another favourite of mine on the D300s and D200, but it's just not sharp enough for the G1. This is my second sample, bought for 180 euros on eBay. I had another one years ago, but that one was not so good.

                I also still have the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AI (manual focus) and this one is excellent on the G1 between f/4 and f/8 and still quite good at f/2.8; wide open it's too soft to my taste. Before I sold them I tried a lot of other MF Nikkors, but these were mostly disappointing, just not sharp enough even when stopped down. Among these: 20/2.8 AIS, 24/2.8 AIS, 28/2.8 AIS, PC-Nikkors 28/4 and 35/2.8, 85/1.8 AI, 105/2.5 AIS (had high expectations, but it never got really sharp), 135/3.5 AI.

                Come to think of it: Panasonic/Olympus, how about a 14 mm f/4 shift? Please?!

                I must say that doing close-up shots with the Micro 55/3.5 works quite well, but it's not very convenient: you must not forget to close the diaphragm before shooting and you don't see any lens data in the EXIF data. Nikon has done this a whole lot better on their high-end cameras: auto-diaphragm is retained and you can tell the camera what lens is on it so that its focal length, max. aperture en aperture set appear correctly in the EXIF data. OTOH, framing and focussing on the G1's articulating display is a breeze.
                Best regards, Ad.

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