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  • Riley
    Re: Adapter problems

    Could drill that out easy enough

    pity that Metabones thingy wont fit M1 though

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  • Ian
    started a topic SOLVED Adapter problems

    Adapter problems

    It's come to my attention that some legacy lens adapters may not work properly with later Olympus bodies, especially OM-D bodies. This is because these bodies have lens release buttons that are linked to a switch that will turn off live view when the switch is depressed and the mount locking pin is retracted. This is done to warn the user that the lens has not been mounted on the camera securely because the pin will remain retracted until it springs into the appropriate hole on the lens mount of the adapter.

    The problem seems to be that some third-party adapters don't have a deep enough hole so the locking pin doesn't extend far enough to un-switch the live view blanking.

    I have not seen references to Panasonic bodies and earlier Olympus bodies seem to be OK, so this issue seems mainly to be with OM-D bodies.