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4 gig SD card in a digilux 3?

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  • 4 gig SD card in a digilux 3?

    hey, all. been a LONG time gone, have only just got back into working with the Digilux 3 again afte some months of the ol' day job. and i finally have some decent new shots to upload, so i will when i get back into the groove. but i have a question. can't find the answer on the manual so here goes? any reason i can't use a 4 gig SD card in the DL3? i asked someone on the RangefinderForum site in reference to my Epson RD1S and they explained 16 bit and 32 bit partitions and 2 gig limits for the RD1S. but what about the DL3? is it also limited to 2 gigs?



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    Re: 4 gig SD card in a digilux 3?

    that was quick! i picked up the Kodak SDHC 4gig card for A$124. doesn't say "Class" 6 but it does have a "C" with a 6 in it on the card itself. seems a likely coincidence? guess i'll just have to take saturday off and go shoot 900 images to see...

    thanks, i'l post back if this is a goer.



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      Re: 4 gig SD card in a digilux 3?

      I'm pretty sure that the Panasonic Lumix L1 and the electronically identical Leical Digilux 3 had a firmware upgrade to support SDHC cards - Panasonic is a co-founder of the SD card format.

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        Re: 4 gig SD card in a digilux 3?


        I too use the Digilux 3 and it is designed for all SD cards including the high capacity (SD HC) versions.

        I use class 6, 8gb SD HC cards in mine so your 4gb card should work just fine.

        Ian is right, high capacity cards also work in the Panasonic Lumix L1. I have one of theses cameras too, and my 8gb cards work just fine in it as well.


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          Re: 4 gig SD card in a digilux 3?

          thanks, fellas. i had a shoot with it today and it didn't explode so i think i'm ok. appreciate the feedback, is a relief to know. i just wish i could use the 4 gig (or bigger) in the Epson RD1S. i haven't tried it but word is it won't work. something about 16 bit and 32 bit partitions.

          anyway, very grateful fr all the feedback and input.

          dj in oz