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IPad pro for photo editing?

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  • IPad pro for photo editing?

    Sort of camera related & bear with me....

    My tablet is on it's last legs, as is my laptop. I am looking at "all in one" replacements and at the moment I am considering a iPad Pro. The reason being my two hobbies are cameraing and guitaring, image editing and audio are Apples biggest strengths. There is too much latency for guitaring on Android, even the high end devices and there are no "real" photo editors. Windows tablets also have audio latency issues so the iPad is my best option at the moment

    Are their any good photo editors for iPad? I'm talking (nearly) Photoshop alternatives. I have looked online but its hard to tell and I would like some real world suggestions before I make a final decision. I do not mind paying for apps, if it is good.

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