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FL50 Flash on Panasonic GX7

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  • HELP! FL50 Flash on Panasonic GX7

    I have an FL50 Flash Gun, used on a long succession of Olympus Cameras since I bought it for my E1 in 2004.

    It currently works perfectly well on my E-M5.

    As a back up for the E-M5 I have a GX7.

    I have checked that the FL50 is compatible with the GX7.

    On the GX7 I have "Silent Shutter" switched off. When the FL50 is fitted on the Hot shoe, the flashgun powers up when the camera is switched on. Zooming the lens connects to the FL50 which responds by changing its FL setting.

    So far, so good, but I am not able to get the FL50 to flash.

    Maybe tere is something something in the settings of the GX7 which I have overlooked, can anyone help please?


    E1 HLD2 14-54 50-200 EC-14 E500 14-45 40-150(old)