A friend of mine was playing with his band in a village dance party near my home couple of weeks ago and asked me to join. As the weather was nice, it was only ca 30km away and hasnt seen them performing before thought it would be fun to spend the evening there. Took along my E-1 with 35mm, 14-42 and FL-36R. Soon found that the kit lens was that I took for wide angle shoots wasn't actually the one needed. Would have benefited more from 40-150 lens plus later in the evening the lens was a bit too dark anyways (was too lazy to take the bigger camera bag). So used 35mm wide open - that was actually pretty ok length. Later on as the stage had very little light it was either use higher ISOs (that is not the strong side of E-1) or mount a flash. For not getting black background and some intense shadows selected 2nd curtain flash. Set the camera to A and exposure correction enough to light some background but keep the shutter speed reasonable. Selected manual from the flash while dialing it down to GN to 8 or 11. Used flash at manual felt more reasonable to control the light to not overexpose. Actually it felt easier for me to control the exposure of subject with flash while letting camera to take care of the background. So could say it was not semi but quarter automatic.
Later thought that maybe should have taken E-520, placed the flash somewhere on the stage and used wireless flash control but still got some good shots.