Anne and I were heading up to the Bruce Peninsula on Saturday to spend a weekend with our friends. It is beautiful countryside and many opportunities struck my eye as I drove along the 2 hour trek to our destination.

The main reasons that I didn't stop to grab pictures along the way, was because it was around noon when we were traveling - as well as the roads that we were taking are narrow, hilly and difficult to pull off to the side - and our friends were expecting us to be there for lunch.

Coming up over a hill however, my eye caught sight of the 2 trees beside each other right at the peak of the hill - with a massive cloud formation as a backdrop. The overhead sun that was behind me, was hidden by a huge cloud making the scene look impressive.

It took me almost a kilometer down the road before I could find a place to spin the van around and head back to the exact position that I wanted. As soon as I got out of the van with my camera, the dense cloud that the sun was hiding behind moved out of the way with no more clouds to follow.

I was going to just forget about taking the picture. It was bad enough that I was shooting a potentially stunning scene at the worst time of day but at least with a little drama as a result of the cloud covering the sun - but now with the cloud out of the way, I was faced with a scene lit with frontal light from a high angle.

I knew that the elements were there, but I also knew that I wouldn't be passing by that location again and that the impressive wintery looking cloud formations that were a result of an oncoming storm - would not likely be there even if I did get back.

But I'm glad that I shot it to show the nice fall colours in the symmetrical trees (almost mirrored in the clouds above them), fence defining the horizon, beautiful clouds and brilliant sky. There is no doubt that it would have been vastly better taking the shot at a time late in the day or early morning - but I wouldn't have a picture of the setting, and this way I do.

Shot taken with my Olympus E-3 and 50mm F2 Macro. f8 @ 1/1000'th : 100 ISO. I underexposed be about a stop to maintain detail in the clouds (I have deliberately blown out some of the highlights in processing, to add some drama):

Here is a quick snap that I took when getting back in my van to leave - it shows a little bit of the road that I was on and the hill that I came upon with the 2 trees. This pic was taken with the meter reading, where it is evident how there would have been no detail in the clouds if I had taken my final shot this way: