About a week ago I posted a picture of old sea defences at Spurn Point, to illustrate my comments about the advantages of using a tripod. http://fourthirds-user.com/forum/blog.php?b=14

That photograph was taken in October 2008. My friend whom I was with at the time, David Williams, emailed me the picture reproduced below a couple of days ago to show how much the scene has changed since I took that photograph. His version was taken in May this year. I was shocked to see how radically the scene has changed in barely 6 months. We like to think of the landscape as being static, at least in terms of our lifetime, but it isn't. In fact it's more dynamic and ever changing than we realize. Spurn Point is perhaps an extreme example as the topography and even the location of the whole peninsular is constantly changing due to the strength of the tide and currents at the mouth of the Humber. But it does make a pertinent point: If you see a nice view photgraph it while you can. It may not be there tomorrow!