[COLOR=darkgreen][B]No.7:[/B][/COLOR] Live view AF - going beyond the manual/user guide.

Note: This tip is aimed at users of Olympus E-System camera models including the E-420 and E-520 and later models.

The conventional way to move the AF point around the frame in live view mode while using Imager AF (contrast detect AF) is to select one of the 11 AF areas, as below:




To enter this mode is not simple with the E-420, E-450, and E-P1 as you need to set the mode up using the super control panel on the LCD. It's easier with all other models as all you need to do is press the dedicated AF point selector button.

But the problem with using the 11 AF areas is that they only cover the central area of the frame.

Undocumented, as far as I can see, is a way of widening the area that can be made sensitive to autofocusing. Press the Info button in live view mode until you are in the mode with the green box in the centre of the screen:


This mode is designed primarily to enable critical manual focus assistance by magnifying to the area covered by the green box; here is the magnified view:



You can move the box almost anywhere on the screen, as you can see above. If you then press OK to see the magnified view, and you press shutter release half way to initiate autofocus, that area is the active focus point. You can't do this when viewing the full frame - no matter where the selected focus box is, the focus is determined by where the active one of 11 conventional focus points is selected.[LIST][*][I]If you found this article useful, why not have a look at the [URL="http://dpnow.com/forum2/blog.php?blogcategoryid=2"]Learn about photography blog[/URL] section of our general digital photography site, [URL="http://dpnow.com/"]Digital Photography Now[/URL] (DPNow.com)?[/I][/LIST][B][COLOR=darkgreen]Tomorrow:[/COLOR][/B] Olympus' SWD technology explained.