[b][COLOR=darkred]UPDATE:[/COLOR][/b] [I]I missed out the fact that the Olympus E-620 and E-P1 models have a new facility to edit the first two characters of the filename for personal customisation (just the second character when shooting in Adobe RGB space).[/I]

[B][COLOR=darkgreen]No.2:[/COLOR][/B] Today we look at how Olympus and Panasonic Lumix formulate their image file names and folders on the memory card.


Inside the standard DCIM (Digital Camera IMages) folder, you may find one or more sub-folders which contain your photos. On Olympus cameras the folder name will be 'xxxOLYMP' - where xxxx can be any number from 100 to 999. A brand new camera will start at 100OLYMP.

For image files, the first character can be a P or an underscore (_). P is designated when the image has been taken with sRGB colour space enabled, and _ is for Adobe RGB space.

The next character is the month, so 1-9 are January to September, then you shift to the letters A, B, and C for October, November, and December.

The next two spaces are for the day of the month.

The final four spaces are for frame numbering. This can be reset if you set the camera to do so each time card is emptied, or it can be set to increment continuously, until 9999, when it will go back to 0001.

So for today, 22nd September, using sRGB, the file name would be P-9-22-xxxx, or let's say P9220512 (frame 512 in the numbering sequence). The Adobe RGB equivalent would be _9220512. The same day in December would be PC220512, or _C220512.

The convention above is actual set out in the specification for exif data, but some other cameras let you customise the file name so you can have your initials at the beginning, for example.

[B][COLOR=darkgreen]Panasonic Lumix:[/COLOR][/B]

Panasonic do some things the same way as Olympus, but not everything is the same.

The DCIM sub-folder naming goes:


..where xxx starts at 100 and increments up to 999.

Like Olympus, the first letter of a Panasonic image file name can be 'P' for sRGB space images, and underscore '_' for Adobe RGB space images.

But from here on it's different. There is no reference to the date at all. The first three digits are inherited from the containing folder's first three characters, so if the folder is called 106_PANA, all file names contained will start P106, or _106.

The final four digits are increment from one image to the next starting at 0001 and ranging to 9999. So your image could be named P1061234 or _1061234.

Practically all cameras now let you reset the image counter when replace the card if you prefer. This option can be selected from your camera's setup menus.
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