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Welcome to the Four Thirds User Knowledge Base Wiki

JULY 2017

This wiki site aims to be THE knowledge base for all things Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds. Being a wiki you, the reader, can also be a contributor and editor. Just register an account and you can start editing existing pages and creating news ones. The FTU Wiki is a knowledge base for you built by you!

The wiki has been quiet of late but throughout the summer and for the rest of the year our aim is to promote the wiki and regenerate, along with the rest of Four Thirds User, it so it can be a vital resource for all FT and MFT users. Remember, you can contribute information right now! You can add new pages or edit and supplement existing pages. We're just like Wikipedia and use the same basic Wiki platform.

This part of the Four Thirds User website is accessed via the 'KNOWLEDGE' button on the site nav bar near the top of the page.

By using the navigation box on the left you can access the main subsections of the wiki at any time.

Key pages

To help you get started, here is a list of key pages that you may be interested in reading:

  • News - discover the most recent pages to be added to the Knowledge Base. We need new pages :)
  • Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds Cameras - a list, including basic specifications, of all Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras, past and present. If you feel like contributing here, we need to create many camera-specific pages linked from this page.
  • Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds Lenses - like our camera page, this is a list of Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds lenses. It's not yet complete - we know there are other lenses from more obscure manufacturers that need to be added.
  • Manuals - need to find a manual for your lens, camera or accessory? This is the place to find it. Once again - we need to find more manuals to fill in some gaps - your contributions are most welcome!
  • Tips & Tricks - the name is self-explanatory; but we need many more contributions.
  • Legacy lens mount adapters - discover the world of legacy lenses that can be attached to your camera using the appropriate adapter.
  • List all pages - there are already over a hundred pages to explore even at this early stage in the development of the new FT Knowledge Base Wiki. Use this link to discover them all.

What's a wiki?

A wiki is a repository of information that is accessible to all. But not just that, you can edit the information contained in the wiki to improve it and, of course, you can contribute to the knowledge base by adding your own article pages. Naturally, others may wish to edit your pages and add their own. It's a living resource that's only as good as its users.

We use MediaWiki, which is directly related to the platform used to build and maintain Wikipedia. For more information about MediaWiki, visit the official MediaWiki website.