Olympus MF-1 OM lens to Four Thirds mount adapter

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An Olympus MF-1 OM lens to Four Thirds mount adapter is a slim mount adapter that, when fitted to am Olympus film SLR OM-mount lens enables that lens to be mounted onto a Four Thirds camera. This is the official Olympus-manufactured adapter; there are many third-party alternatives that are mostly cheaper but some are of poor quality and because of poor manufacturing tolerances can cause problems with focus accuracy.

The MF-1 adapter ensures that the lens is stopped down to the aperture selected on the lens. To focus at full brightness you will need to set the widest aperture. This means there is no need to keep the stop-down button on the lens, if present, depressed when shooting.

There is no electrical or mechanical linkage between the adapter and the camera body, so for automatic exposure you will need to use aperture priority (A) mode. With Olympus bodies that have the feature it is possible to use IBIS Image Stabilisation by configuring the system in the camera with the focal length of the lens being used.