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Background to this wiki and its creator - Four Thirds User

Four Thirds User was launched in 2007 by Ian Burley after he was approached by the Four Thirds Consortium and encouraged to build an independent website dedicated to the interests of photographers interested in the Four Thirds camera system platform. This was backed up by funding to set up the website, although today the site is completely self-financing and owned entirely by Ian's company, The Write Technology Ltd.

While Four Thirds User (FTU) continues to publish articles and operate an interactive community based around a discussion forum and photo gallery for users to post to and enjoy, the idea of integrating a wiki was an early innovation on FTU. The goal was to enable Four Thirds afficionados to personally contribute their knowledge to a wiki dedicated to Four Thirds information. This would complement the publishing activities of the main site.

The wiki project started well but inexperience with the relatively new concept of a wiki, technical issues and inadequate support meant the wiki eventually failed in its function and was overrun by spammers.

But the idea remains very attractive and this is why we have relaunched the FTU Wiki, starting practically from scratch with a new more up to date installation of MediaWiki, and only incorporating selected articles and pages from the old wiki. We're currently recruiting a team of volunteers who will help maintain the health of the wiki (if you are interested in becoming involved - you don't need to be technically proficient in wikis - please get in touch).

Ultimately, the goal of this project is to build the most respected English language knowledge base concerning Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds topics. It's a huge goal but if you are enthusiastic about Four Thirds and/or Micro Four Thirds we hope you will join in and help achieve that goal!