On a previous post some time ago, I was trying to decide on the Sigma 105mm or the 150mm.

Sadly my budget didnt stretch far enough to get the 150mm so after some careful consideration I bought a 2nd hand 105mm and sold my 30mm.

How would I compare this lens? Compared to the Zuiko 50-200mm this lens feels like it's little brother. Without looking at the technical aspects, just the images I've taken, It's sharp and at f2.8 at 105mm it's produced some pleasing images. I've also used the 50-200mm with the ex25 for macro and I must say the 105mm is almost on par with those images I've taken as well. Possibly with a little extra light being able to get into the shorter lens, I have seen sharper photos without the slight blur (for example macro bug or flower photos on a cloudy day).

Human portraits I havent yet tried but I am absolutely thrilled with pet portraits. I have had a chance to experiment with a few dog and cat portraits and this lens is really suiting this area of photography, even with manual focus, this lens is a delight to use (except on playful puppies who are determined to not sit still unless you have a very big treat for them lol).