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Seeing as you can now pick up an E1 for around 150 on eBay I, like many other people, am getting tempted!

Are there other users out there who use both the E510 and E1... if so, what's been your experience?

The main thing that annoys me about the E510 is the blown highlights... I've read that the E1 has better dynamic range, can anyone verify that?

Obviously to take advantage of the weather sealing I'd also need to invest in a HG lens and I saw one lucky so-and-so win a 14-54 mk1 for 155! One question; is the only difference between mk1 and mk2 the contrast based AF support?
This may not be important to you, but there is a difference in the lens hood and how it attaches to the lens. The Olympus ring flash can be attached directly to the front of the 14-54 mk I and the 50-200 mk I lens but not to the mk II versions of each. I never got an explanation of why they made that change.

I've had an E-1 for quite a few years now and I still use it. The LCD is rather small compared to the newer ones but the optical viewfinder is fine. The sensor does not have the higher ISO capabilities of the newer ones, of course.

I haven't used the 14-54 mk II myself, but I have been quite happy with the focusing of the mk I on the E-1. Of course, I'm not a sports photographer or a pro photographer :-)