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I don't know. Many of us would consider setting up an ID to respond to a specific message or person as very bad taste or dishonesty. I'm not accusing you of that certainly. I'm expressing a common online pov. A couple of questions, which can be answered or not, without prejudice. Are you the original seller of this thread (the one in the UK)? I doubt it, but hey? Have you recently lived in the Dallas, texas area? What do you know about translating Chinese restaurant menu items into English?

Steve aka Fluffy
You answered your own question that I am not the original seller. Yes I am from Dallas TX. I was selling a Zuiko 50-200 lens on eBay at the time and found this thread when researching the ongoing price. I never wanted to hide anything so I used the ID I commonly use on forums. You can also find this ID on eBay. But that's only my buyer ID. My seller ID has more than double the feedback points and of course it's 100% positive. I have no idea if this Bear is well respected on this forum or not. That didn't concern me.