I'm in a quandary!

I'm thinking of selling my trusty E-5 and maybe some of the lenses (70-300mm, 35mm macro and 40-150 ED) if my wife doesn't want to keep them for her E-510! If I do sell, I'll put the proceeds towards a second mft camera, ideally the OM-D E-M1 ii, but I may compromise which would allow me to buy more glass.

I also own an E-M5 ii and I do need two cameras. Whatever I decide, I'll be buying (at a later time) some more pro-grade mft lenses.

One of the Four Thirds lenses I own is the 12-60mm ED SWD and I love it. It is, understandably, slow to focus on the E-M5ii, though the images it takes on there are superbly crisp. If I sold that lens as well as the E-5 then one option for me would be to buy a second, much cheaper e-m5ii instead of the E-m1ii. I would then buy MFT lenses which focus quickly and seem really good quality.
I could save even more pennies by getting a used E-M1 mk1 and either keep or sell the 12-60mm. (I don't need 60fps nor 20mp)

So, do I keep that SWD lens to go on an E-M1 mk i or mkii using my mmf 3 adaptor. Just wondering whether others would do the same or, if they were in my shoes. Would you sell that lens and buy a dedicated mft lens.

I don't have an endless supply of money!

I guess I would be better off selling the E-5 body separately from the lenses. I'll probably put them on ebay.I do still love the E-5 and it takes fantastic photos, especially with the 12-60 attached, but I am doing more and more video and 720p isn't enough; 1080p is. Also, I am a big fan of the EVF.

The shutter count on the E-5 is around 100,000, though I understand it is good for at least 250,000 actuations. The smaller of the bottom rubbers that increase the grip against a tripod is missing and I have replaced with a non-original, and the tripod mount and the hot-shoe have signs of usage (worn paint). Apart from that it is a tidy camera. I've got a few CF cards, batteries and chargers to go with it, so I think it should be a good buy for someone.

What would you do on my shoes?