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Thread: Zuiko 12-60 focus problem

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    Zuiko 12-60 focus problem


    I've own a 2nd-hand 12-60mm lens for quite a few years but it's never auto-focussed until I have zoom in significantly. As my old E410 was so battered after years of backpacking I assumed it was the camera at fault.

    Last week I got a 2nd-hand E620 which seems to be in good condition.

    The 12-60mm is still not auto-focussing without zooming in. I can see details through the viewfinder - focus won't engage from f2.8 - 3.5. At some point around f3.5 the auto-focus kicks in and the photo takes fine.

    I don't think the problem relates to the batch of faulty lenses with certain serial numbers as the paperwork shows my lens number falls outside those identified.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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    Re: Zuiko 12-60 focus problem

    It needs repairs. I had the same with a 9-18mm, it would only focus at 9mm. Rob

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    Re: Zuiko 12-60 focus problem

    Since you've tried it with two different cameras, it definitely sounds like a problem with the lens. I don't know of any other test or repair that you can do yourself, so it unfortunately means a trip to the repair shop.

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