After spending many days trapped indoors due to a heavy cold I ventured out yesterday to travel to the next town. On my way to the bus stop I waited for a few minutes for our Robin who always greets us at his favourite spot. He didnít show possibly because the fog was pretty thick. I left a little pate for his mid morning break and on leaving I heard the squawk of a Magpie and took the following sequence of it robbing the Robin.
These were taken against the light in poor conditions, but I think the camera coped well especially for snapshots.

On our return one of the neighbourís dogs gave me the opportunity in the sunny conditions which had arrived later in the day.

Magpie tucks in

Magpie steals

Dogs in the sun

All taken with Olympus OM D EM 1 mkll + Olympus 40-150 lens + 1.4 converter - A.mode etc
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Regards. Barr1e