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Thread: 209th Salon "Open but Current".

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    Re: 209th Salon "Open but Current".

    Thank you for your entries. As usual shame there were not a few more.

    I love the tonality of Deevee's second picture but my winner is Kurt with his mad fools in the sea. The fella's face in the foreground sums up just how cold it must have been.

    Well done.

    Your turn.
    All the best


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    Re: 209th Salon "Open but Current".

    First thought: "Doh! . . . . Thanks very much for favouring my image . . . now I have to think of a subject!"

    Seriously, many thanks for running the salon, I echo your thoughts, some good entries, wish there were more.

    I will try to think up something for a new Salon shortly.

    Kind regards and a very happy New Year to all.


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