Adobe Lightroom is my primary Image Management and Processing tool. However there are some abilities that are better dealt with in a full fledged editing application like Photoshop.

For reasons of price and speed on my Macbook, I incorporated a relatively new Photoshop Alternative called Affinity Photo a while back even though I have a full version of Photoshop CS6.

In practice so far, I only use Affinity for one thing - and that is cloning out unwanted content and creating content where not is. Yes Photoshop has Content Aware tools - but I really like the Inpainting Brush and Inpainting Fill tools available with Affinity Photo.

I threw together this video where I show real images being drastically improved in only a few seconds. Electric lines are easily replaced with sky, content is created where there was none, and great images of musicians performing are dramatically improved with a touch of the Inpainting Brush.

For some reason I have just never caught on to the content replacement tools in Photoshop. I'm sure the results are similar to what is being accomplished in Affinity Photo. I just find this program to be effortless and gives me a great head start to retouching - - - quickly.

Mind you this Affinity Photo application is Mac only so far. Talk is that a Windows version will be released in the future.