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    New member

    Hi all, just joined, jumped ship from Nikon to EM1. What's the best for macro, extension tubes or close-up lens. I had a dedicated macro lens, sigma 105, so never used the other methods. Bot of help needed
    Many thanks

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    Re: New member

    The problem with extension tubes is the DOF becomes very thin so I prefer to use an macro or close up lens. I suppose it's also subject dependant.
    The advantage of the E-M1 is you can use focus bracketing and either stack them in camera or use external software.
    The in camera stacking works very well. All this is also dependant on what lenses you have as the in camera stack only works with certain lenses.

    Hope this helps and by the way welcome.
    All the best


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    Re: New member

    I would point you to the Olympus 60mm macro lens as it can also be used to focus stack 'in camera' in the E-M1, like these images.

    And this.

    I fiddle with violins (when I'm not fiddling with a camera).
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    Flashes: FL36R X2, FL50R, FL50.
    Software: Capture One Pro 10 (& Olympus Viewer 3).

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