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The 202 Salon is now over. Many different takes on the theme and each a "winner" in the salon, thanks to everyone for the entries and I note the number of views generated for salons seem to remain relatively good although the participation doesn't reflect that.

OK... my favourites!

Gillian's entry was intriguing with the juxtaposition of the torn down abandoned lower level of the building and the bright, well tended flowers and shades of the upper floor. I'm left wondering on the location of that photo as it doesn't fit my impressions of Norway with a gated entry and open to the elements windows... perhaps Central or South America...

Andym, Barrie, Kurt and Ian's Tata all had excellent portraits of individual flowers. Rudolf's post processing to select the colour of the blossom over a black & white background was well done.

While my wife really likes Rob's fluffy Dandelion seed pod and I can't fault the picture, the darn things are the bain of gardeners everywhere...

For first place I have a tie between DeeVee's second photo of "Wildflowers in the Desert" and hschnee's "Little Frosty Flower'. Can't break the tie with flower identification so I'll award the honour of running the next salon to Hal (hschnee) based simply on the fact that DeeVee just finished running Salon #201. Congratulations Hal and take it away...
Hi Stef -

Thanks for running the challenge.

Congratulations Hal.

Regards. Barr1e