Hey forum,

I've been using my GH4 with the iOS app to remotely monitor and control my camera for two years now. It's been great, but I have a new gig coming up and I'm curious if anyone had any experience setting up a wifi photo stream through the Panasonic Lumix Club to Cloud Sync or any Web Services?

I was recently asked to produce some new content utilizing the GH4's internal time lapse function, but the site of the shoot is a few thousand miles away so monitoring the accumulated photos is a bit of a challenge. As it stands, the plan is to set up 4 different GH4's with external power and let them fire off at 12 minute intervals for a week. Then fly into to town, check on the cameras, download footage, and re-set them for another round. This is being pitched as a 6 week gig, and everything is ready to go.

For piece of minds sake, I've been looking into some way of monitoring the Stills being shot on a daily basis using a WiFi based Photo-stream. The GH4 is advertised to have a remote photo-stream function built into the camera, and researched the process and I've gone through the steps of setting things up through Panasonic's Lumix Club, get everything connected via WiFi. When I go to start shooting, the camera stops me with a prompt to turn off the WiFi services, which if refused does nothing, but when confirmed resets all WiFi settings.

Has anyone tried anything similar, or been able to set this up successfully? Anyone have any suggestions or alternative methods for monitoring a photo-stream outside of the GH4 infrastructure?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


- Eric