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Thread: Can you "tether" an E-1 to an iPad?

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    Re: Can you "tether" an E-1 to an iPad?

    The AV cable is 3.5mm jack (mono) to cinch. Can't test it, cuz our TV is so old it does not have any cinches yet (just 2 SCARTs) and settop box got only the newest ***** like USB, HDMI and so on...
    But as far as I remember, the playback worked fine and the E-1 is shooting with just the 3.5mm inside, so it should work, IMO.
    Regards, Pavel.

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    Re: Can you "tether" an E-1 to an iPad?

    Sorry, forgot that the AV OUT on the camera is 3.5mm plug.

    There should be one in the box with A yellow RCA plug on the other end

    Keep smiling, it gets folk wondering what you've been up to

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    Re: Can you "tether" an E-1 to an iPad?


    Thanks guys.

    I've passed all this information on to my friend.
    So it's out of my hands now.

    But he was THANKING ME THANKING ME THANKING ME for the information and the help.
    Saying that this would really rekindle his interest in taking pictures.
    (He isn't a photographer, it's just something he needs to do for the benefit of his business.)
    That he had almost stopped because every time he thought about it, it just seemed like so much trouble climbing all those stairs up and down, up and down.

    So, I'm thinking he will probably find him a cable and see how this works pretty soon.

    I'll give y'all a report back on how he does.

    Thanks for your help.


    P.S. Here's my friend at work.
    Not my best image, I was just taking some "snaps" as test shots I guess, thinking about maybe doing a little "shoot" of my friend at work, which I never got back to.
    But I rather liked this one, so I've kept it. It's a little grainy, and it was shot handheld at 1/8th of a second.
    But it ain't for a magazine, just me, and I like it. Regardless, this is my friend we're helping.


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