It's not a well-publicised feature of the gallery we have here but it is possible to streamline the uploading of several images by using a Zip file to upload a group of images. If you want to upload more than a couple of images it saves the monotony of selecting each image individually as part of the upload process.

Just Zip the images you want to upload into a single Zip file, and select that file in the upload process.

Don't forget to enter a common title, if you want (the file names will default as titles otherwise).

Click on upload and the multiple images should appear ready for final processing.

Some of you who may have explored this feature and found it unpredictable might have exceeded a 2MB file upload size limit. This has now been increased to 16MB.

We do recommend a maximum file size for comfortable viewing at web-resolution of 250K per image (900 pixels wide or 720 pixels high) although I know some prefer larger image dimensions, especially for panoramas.

16MB would be more than enough for 64 250K images.

Finally, if you are near to or have exceeded your gallery storage space limit, get in touch and as long as you aren't uploading unnecessarily large images, we'll increase your limit. Please don't delete old image to make space for new ones.